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Fuck Hard In Bed

  Description:She sucks huge cock and fucked so hard and gets cum in bed
Submitted: 42 months ago by Anonymous
Views: 5672  Duration: 28:12
78 Votes


I had a black friend when we lived overseas. He bragged a couple of times about fucking "white women". One day when his wife and my wife & him were drinking the subject of black screwing "white women" came up. His wife said he had a big black dick and he had fucked a lot of white women. She said she had no problem with it, she like to hear the story when he got home. She said she even watched 4 or 5 times. She told my wife she should try him sometime, and I should let her fuck him. She just came out and said it. She even recommended they go do it in our bedroom right now. She would stay with me and watch the move and my wife could let her know what she thought. I asked if she & I could get it on while they were in the bedroom, both he and his wife

Dude had no clue how to take care of that beautiful, well fucked cum filled pussy

boring video.

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